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a little new in this area please help

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looking to make a little game for my work i work at Taco Bell and wanna put the weights of the menu items like a game but don't know where to start i know a little on how to make scripts but wanna further my knowledge.....

i want it to make a pop up box and you input the correct weight

example: Big Taste Taco = ________

then you would input 4.4 and hit the ok button

i know it is something simple for some of you but i am still new to this any pointers would be appreciated thanks :)

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while 1
$answer = InputBox("total: "&$total, "Enter numbers", "", "",-1, -1, 0, 0)
if @error then Exit
$total += $answer

If you dont understand the code, it's in the helpfile.

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tolle indicium

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