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returning the key pressed....ie. "The Enter Key"

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here is what i have

#include <misc.au3>
WinActivate("Untitled - Notepad")

                For $ct = 8 To 165
                    $hex = Hex($ct, 2)
                    ConsoleWrite($ct & "  Hex " & $hex & @LF)
                    While _IsPressed($hex)
                        $keydown += 1
                        If $keydown > 100 Then
                            MsgBox(262144 + 64, "KEYSTUCK", $hex, 0)

i know the long winded way for creating an array with all the key strokes in it, and returing the match.... NOT the Hex but the actual KEY as in easy read terms, "The Space Bar" , "The Left Control Key", etc.

But is there a quicker way.....

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Use the _IsPressed function

You can use my MiscConstants UDF to make it easier,


#Include <Misc.au3> ;needed to use the _IsPressed function
#Include "MiscConstants.au3" ;udf if you want to use the pre-defined constants

;enter without MiscConstants UDF, Key gotten from help file entry

;enter with MiscConstants UDF, Keys are pretty obvious but can be looked up in the AU3 file if necicary

_________[u]UDFs[/u]_________-Mouse UDF-Math UDF-Misc Constants-Uninstaller Shell

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this is a long version

#include <misc.au3>

WinActivate("Untitled - Notepad")
dim $key[99]
$Key[1]='09 TAB key'
$Key[2]='0C CLEAR key'
$Key[3]='0D ENTER key'
$Key[4]='10 SHIFT key'
$Key[5]='11 CTRL key'
$Key[6]='12 ALT key'
$Key[7]='13 PAUSE key'
$Key[8]='14 CAPS LOCK key'
$Key[9]='1B ESC key'
$Key[10]='20 SPACEBAR'
$Key[11]='21 PAGE UP key'
$Key[12]='22 PAGE DOWN key'
$Key[13]='23 END key'
$Key[14]='24 HOME key'
$Key[15]='25 LEFT ARROW key'
$Key[16]='26 UP ARROW key'
$Key[17]='27 RIGHT ARROW key'
$Key[18]='28 DOWN ARROW key'
$Key[19]='29 SELECT key'
$Key[20]='2A PRINT key'
$Key[21]='2B EXECUTE key'
$Key[22]='2C PRINT SCREEN key'
$Key[23]='2D INS key'
$Key[24]='2E DEL key'
$Key[25]='30 0 key'
$Key[26]='31 1 key'
$Key[27]='32 2 key'
$Key[28]='33 3 key'
$Key[29]='34 4 key'
$Key[30]='35 5 key'
$Key[31]='36 6 key'
$Key[32]='37 7 key'
$Key[33]='38 8 key'
$Key[34]='39 9 key'
$Key[35]='41 A key'
$Key[36]='42 B key'
$Key[37]='43 C key'
$Key[38]='44 D key'
$Key[39]='45 E key'
$Key[40]='46 F key'
$Key[41]='47 G key'
$Key[42]='48 H key'
$Key[43]='49 I key'
$Key[44]='4A J key'
$Key[45]='4B K key'
$Key[46]='4C L key'
$Key[47]='4D M key'
$Key[48]='4E N key'
$Key[49]='4F O key'
$Key[50]='50 P key'
$Key[51]='51 Q key'
$Key[52]='52 R key'
$Key[53]='53 S key'
$Key[54]='54 T key'
$Key[55]='55 U key'
$Key[56]='56 V key'
$Key[57]='57 W key'
$Key[58]='58 X key'
$Key[59]='59 Y key'
$Key[60]='5A Z key'
$Key[61]='5B Left Windows key'
$Key[62]='5C Right Windows key'
$Key[63]='60 Numeric keypad 0 key'
$Key[64]='61 Numeric keypad 1 key'
$Key[65]='62 Numeric keypad 2 key'
$Key[66]='63 Numeric keypad 3 key'
$Key[67]='64 Numeric keypad 4 key'
$Key[68]='65 Numeric keypad 5 key'
$Key[69]='66 Numeric keypad 6 key'
$Key[70]='67 Numeric keypad 7 key'
$Key[71]='68 Numeric keypad 8 key'
$Key[72]='69 Numeric keypad 9 key'
$Key[73]='6A Multiply key'
$Key[74]='6B Add key'
$Key[75]='6C Separator key'
$Key[76]='6D Subtract key'
$Key[77]='6E Decimal key'
$Key[78]='6F Divide key'
$Key[79]='70 F1 key'
$Key[80]='71 F2 key'
$Key[81]='72 F3 key'
$Key[82]='73 F4 key'
$Key[83]='74 F5 key'
$Key[84]='75 F6 key'
$Key[85]='76 F7 key'
$Key[86]='77 F8 key'
$Key[87]='78 F9 key'
$Key[88]='79 F10 key'
$Key[89]='7A F11 key'
$Key[90]='7B F12 key'
$Key[91]='90 NUM LOCK key'
$Key[92]='91 SCROLL LOCK key'
$Key[93]='A0 Left SHIFT key'
$Key[94]='A1 Right SHIFT key'
$Key[95]='A2 Left CONTROL key'
$Key[96]='A3 Right CONTROL key'
$Key[97]='A4 Left MENU key'
$Key[98]='A5 Right MENU key'

while 1
For $ct2 = 8 To 165
                    $hex = Hex($ct2, 2)
                    While _IsPressed($hex)
                        $keydown += 1
                        If $keydown > 100 Then
                            if not @error Then
                            $sss=StringSplit($key[$search]," ")
                            for $1=2 to $sss[0]
                            $rec&=$sss[$1]&" "
                            MsgBox(262144 + 64, "KEYSTUCK","The "&$rec&" Is Locked!!!", 0)

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