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_IELoadWait not working properly in my own sample. Need some help.

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Hi all,

I'm user of AutoIT since yesterday and is a great tool! I'm using it for the automation of uploading files to a shop in which I sell some downloadable products and I need some help in my script. I can't correctly capture the finish of the uploading of the file via the form of the web.

I correctly fill the file input text and submit the form and the file begins to upload, then I have a _IELoadWait sentence that seems not to work properly because the status bar of the browser begins to fill in blue and a text like "Opening page..." appears in the status text of the browser, but in some moment (before the final of the uploading of big files) the browser status bar gets empty and begins to fill again. It seems that then _IELoadWait jump just at this point not finishing the upload. With small files it is not a problem because the files finish the upload before the status bar resets to empty.

So I should wait for the "upload complete" web page to continue the execution of the script and I don't know which mechanism to use.

The upload web page has different Address URL and include the HTML text "Upload results" and "upload succesful". No changes in the browser title or any other element I could use.

Any help?


Juan Carlos Jiménez

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