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thought it might come in handy when debuging :)

was kinda surprised it worked :)

Global Const $Notify_Assert_Error = True

_Assert("B" == "B")
MsgBox(0,"Oh hai", "Yay!!! made it past first assertion")
$x = 23
_Assert($x > 12)
MsgBox(0, "Oh hai","Wow, we got past the seacond one as well :D")
$y = 13
_Assert($x < $y)
MsgBox(0, "Oh noes","Oh hai their, how did you make it this far??")

Func _Assert($test, $line = @ScriptLineNumber) ;@ScriptLineNumber does not work when compiled :(
    if Not $Notify_Assert_Error  Then
    Elseif Not $test Then
        if MsgBox(16 + 4, "Assertion error @ " & $line,"An assertion error have accured, would like to stop the script?" & @CRLF & _
        "Press 'Yes' to exit or press 'No' to ignore the error") = 6 Then

[font="Impact"]Never fear, I is here.[/font]

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