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Controlcoordinats dont work!?

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I have a Problem!

I´dlike to script something, what log in in a Browser game, every time when i start pc

Ok,. i had to place the program, or an .ink of it, in the autostart,.

But it doues not work!

I like it to work via ControlID

But every time I Run the Script it Klicks "nutzerbedingung" (This are the agb´s)

So I tryed to form per opt("Mousecoordmode",2)

to click the client,...

with 0the whole screen,...

with 1 the window,..

I tryed to find the coordinates per hand,.. but it is impossible.

Always he clicks at the Agb´s

But there are some more Problems. Just read the coments below. I deeply hope you can help me

;AutoItSetOption("Winwaitdelay",10) Delay to short, does not work4 now
;AutoItSetOption("onExitFunc",Exi());Does not work either, but it is not my mainproblem
;AutoItSetOption("RunErrorsFatal",0); In the German Helpfile this exists, but it does nore work, neither it exsits in the english helpfile 
dim $Hwnd[10][4], $Login, $PW, $PID;$PID =ProcessID
$Hwnd[0][0]="Windows Internet Explorer"
$Hwnd[0][3]="[CLASS:Internet Explorer_Server; INSTANCE:1]"
$Hwnd[1][0]="AutoVervollständigen von Kennwörtern"
$Hwnd[1][1]="Möchten Sie, dass dieses Kennwort gespeichert wird?"
$Hwnd[1][3]="[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:3]"
;If you need the Password, ask me;
$PID=Run(@ProgramFilesDir&"\Internet Explorer\iexplore.Exe"&" http://www.fatal-vortex.de/user_login.fv"); @sw_hide Does not work,. only 4 documents?
;MouseClick("left",478,224) ;(this mouseclick works![in client mode])
ControlClick($Hwnd[0][2],$Hwnd[0][1],$Hwnd[0][3],"left",1,328,154); [b][color=red]THIS SEAMES TO BE THE PROBLEM LINE[\color][\b]

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Perhaps it is the Provider of this page who does not allow to use autmatic clicks?

is it possible to disable "controlclicks"? per php??

hmm is it possible to affect controlclicks per php? to see them?

thanks 4 help n answer

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Could find the coordinates(for the right login, 1100,130[instead of 1100,230])

,. sry for bumping.

Anyone can help with the ather problems?

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