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Changing the display settings

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Sorry, but i am new at this. I would like to modify the display settings automatically using AutoIt.

Is there another way then to go to the control panel or by doing:

Run("control.exe desk.cpl,@0,3")

Is it possible to modify it directly by the registries? Can this work?:

Dim $valueX, $valueY

$valueX = 800

$valueY = 600



Thank you

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[font="Impact"]Use the helpfile, It´s one of the best exlusive features of Autoit.[/font]http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q555375ALIBI Run - a replacement for the windows run promptPC Controller - an application for controlling other PCs[size="1"]Science flies us to the moon. Religion flies us into buildings.[/size][size="1"]http://bit.ly/cAMPZV[/size]

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