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Would anyone with paypal like to make (what is probably) a quick script for me?

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I have no idea if this is even allowed on these forums, so I apologise if it isn't. I'm interested in Autoit, but have no time to learn it for myself right now.

I'd happily pay, say $10 AUS for a quick script over paypal if I can.

This is basically what I need.

A script that will open up paint with set dimensions, the dimensions are about 200 by 200, allow me to draw something and then when I press a certain key...save the file as the number it is (as in, the first file will save as 1, next as 2, etc), then open another identical paint file for me to repeat the process.

It seems to be a sort of easy job, but perhaps it isn't. Anyone able to help me rather quickly?

Also, I apologise again if this is against the rules or unreasonable. Thanks in advance.

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