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Hey guys, I am looking to make a simple GUI using an image I have already created as the base, let's call that image maingui.png.

I need to create a GUI which has a list textbox on top of that GUI image. If anyone can help I'll gladly pay you with paypal via cash post your code here.

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First of all :) welcome to autoit forums!!!!


we have a few rules here:

(2 of em are in my sig)

and manny more...

also ......... >:) dude we (most of us) dont code for money.... LOOK INTO THE HELPFILE its not that hard. are you looking for a background image? and a listview containing certain data? LOOK INTO HELPFILE its very specific


HAPPY CODING <====(i think i seen that uhh line somewhere on these forums oh well)

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If you want something written, www.rentacoder.com is a great place to go. But before you go there, at least read what I've got to say.

I'd rather you save your money and at least attempt it yourself.

If you have little or no prior coding experience, then I recommend you look at AutoIt 1-2-3 and my Tutorial- they will teach you the basics and fundamentals, which will make your job easier.

And then when you're up to creating your GUI, there are some things to consider that will help you along:

Have a look at this for creating a GUI with a transparent PNG background- effect is a very cool looking GUI using the PNG as a background.


Read the help file for either




(I'm not 100% positive what you want, but if you try the examples included with those, I'm sure you'll find out...)

And also look at the functions for manipulating the controls in the help file such as (in order of the controls I listed previously)




Try some of those things out, and if you still need help, then post the code you have. Otherwise we can't help as well as we could with it... The code speaks 1000 words :)



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thank you Brett for summing up my agitation.... and mutiliated....Autoit is a simple language... well no... its easy to learn even if you have NO expience N-O-N-E! its very easy, BUt you must actually try not just mooch and beg! also trust me on this once you get a script working exactly the way you want to, it is VERY self satisfying, not like somethings i could probably say but wont... BUT! if your just wanting to spend enough money to get it done right, im 98.999999% possitive you wont find your scripter here in these forums

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