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New and dont know where to start.

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Basically I want to write my own article spinner.

I write an article with 3 variations on a sentence, 3-4 sentences per paragraph.

What the script must do.

Read txt file one take line one make it variable 1, line 2 variable 2 then line 3 variable 3 then print one of the three variables to a new txt file, then continues to 4,5,6 and then prints one of them random to the txt file and continues till it reaches the end.

Save the new files.

the new files will be





Saves file then repeats x amount of time (random characters when naming the file to be saved)

Is this possible?

I want it to read from the source file and fill the variables in with text that is contained on that line.then randomly choose one of the 3 variable, then move to the next 3 and choose one and so on

I assume I start with getting it to read from the source file 1st. but where can I find information on this?

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Dim $sFile = @ScriptDir & '\123.txt'
Dim $sText = FileRead($sFile)

If Not StringLen($sText) Then
    MsgBox(0x10, 'Error', 'Could not open the file "' & $sFile & '"')

Dim $Arr = StringSplit($sText, @CRLF, 1)
If IsArray($Arr) Then
    $sText = ''
    For $i = 1 To $Arr[0] Step 3
        If $i + 1 > $Arr[0] Or $i + 2 > $Arr[0] Then
            $sText &= $Arr[$i]
        $sText &= $Arr[$i+Random(0, 2, 1)] & @CRLF
    If StringRight($sText, 1) = @LF Then $sText = StringLeft($sText, StringLen($sText)-2)
    Local $aPath = StringRegExp($sFile, '^(.*\\)(.*)$', 1)
    FileWrite($aPath[0]&'('&@MON&'-'&@MDAY&'-'&@YEAR&' '&@HOUR&'-'&@MIN&'-'&@SEC&')'&$aPath[1], $sText)

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