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need help to restart my script and do it so it send differnt text every time.

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hi i need some help i want my scribt to restart and that i know how to do but the thing i dont know what to do is to do it so every time it starts over it will send different text messege.

for exampel

first restart it will send hi1

restart two it will send hi2

restart three it will send hi3

please help me and if you need me to explane more just say it ^^

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If Not FileExists('run.txt') then FileWrite('run.txt', 1)
$run = FileRead('run.txt')
FileWrite('run.txt', $run + 1)

If $run = 1 Then
    MsgBox(64, 'AutoIt', 'First run !')
ElseIf $run = 2 Then
    MsgBox(64, 'AutoIt', 'Second run !')
EndIf ;etc...

Cheers, FireFox.


OS : Win XP SP2 (32 bits) / Win 7 SP1 (64 bits) / Win 8 (64 bits) | Autoit version: latest stable / beta.
Hardware : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10Ghz / 8 GiB RAM DDR3.

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if it only need to be restarted 3 times i will do like this

if $times =1 then send ("hi1")
if $times =2 then send ("hi2")
if $times =3 then send ("hi3")
until $times=3

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