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Harware IDS Help

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First i must give a very Big Thanks to all people here in this forum for helping others by Fast Answering there Questions.

i have many questions here((Sorry for That)):

1-is there is any way to get HWIDS (Hardware IDs) for all devices in computer Like (Microsoft Devcon.exe) tool ?

i am trying to Use CompInfo.au3 UDF it is very nice and helpfull (Thanks to the author) but it doesn't give me all Devices IDS

and in other hand Devcon.exe give me a text file >> is there any way to convert it to ini file ?

2-if i have ini file that contain a database-like of something, and another ini file generated and i want to compare the values in the new ini file and the old one

to give the value that found in the old one, i.e to comparing to different values , or search the values in the new ini files in the database ini file and give the

value that found in the database ini file.

i am sorry for my bad language..thanks again for everything..


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Dim $oWMI = ObjGet('winmgmts:')
Dim $oDevices = $oWMI.ExecQuery('Select * From Win32_PnPEntity')

For $oDevice In $oDevices
    ConsoleWrite('Name: ' & $oDevice.Name & @TAB & 'DeviceID: ' & $oDevice.DeviceID & @CRLF)

Please search the help file for the Ini* functions. You can process a loop and test both array's subscripts for a match or not and react accordingly by replacing the old array is non-matching value with the new file's array subscript and use IniWriteSection() at the end or IniWrite() within the loop.

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