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Skype TM v1.6

Update :

Version 1.1
Process detection added

Version 1.2
Fixed error when opening saved .stm file
Fixed bug with the skype window

Version 1.3
Fixed context menu problem on new item imported
Fixed other various bugs

Version 1.4
Fixed error when Skype TM started-up before Skype

Version 1.5
Added Hotkey to show Skype TM window
Added Auto Skype TM open TextMood and play it

Version 1.6
New GUI, now available in taskbar
Fixed minor bugs

Description :

Skype TM can let you animate your personnal message in Skype like in wlm :)

RichEdit is included in Skype PM (you can add Bold, Italic, Underlined format to text and put color on it ^_^ )

Screenshot :

Main GUI :

Posted Image

Skype TextMood :

Posted Image

How to use it ?

Create MoodText :

-Run Skype if the process doesn't exists,

-Run Skype TM and wait for notice from Skype that tell you to allow Skype TM to use Skype or not - Select 'Access allowed'

-Look at the left-top corner of your main Skype window, and you will see the 'Skype TM' button

(For Exit Skype TM at any moment, right click on this button and select 'Exit')

-Click on Skype TM button and you have now the main window of Skype TM,

-Here is the list view of TextMood steps, click on 'Add Item' for add new TextMood step

-Now you can right-click on this item and select 'Edit',

-Add your TextMood and build it as you like, then you can show 'preview' of RichEdit text by Clicking on 'Rich Edit' button

-Between steps you can choose the sleep time

-Click on apply, you're now on main gui,

-Click on 'Play TM' to start the animation in Skype !

Use Process :

-Click on 'other...' to have access to Skype TM cmd window,

-to always display your TextMood, enter the 'Skype.exe' process in Edit

Note :

-Skype TM works better with Skype 4.0

-Save your animations with the button 'Save...' or Hotkey Ctrl + S

-Open your animations with the button 'Open...' or HotKey Ctrl + O

-Run Skype before SkypeTM with the button '?'

-Run Skype TM on startup with the button '?'

-Show Skype TM window with Hotkey Ctrl + Alt + T + M

Special thanks :

ProgAndy for his RichEdit_UDF

Attachments :

Skype TM pack link : Skype_TM.txt

Enjoy, Skype users ! :)

Cheers, FireFox.

Edited by FireFox
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yeah, take a look, I hope that my 'how to use it' is useful :)

Note :

I would appreciate if someone can help me to implement the 'Skype TM' button in the Skype window and to make main GUI where I put my child window on it because I have to make child window on desktop to make it work...

Cheers, FireFox.

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Version 1.3 available ! (see first post for update)

Note : beautiful animation of Skype TM added in the pack 'TextMood.stm'

@toxicvn : the link doesn't work because im uploading new version so please check 30sec later...

@JamesBrooks : you can upload the new version :)

Cheers, FireFox.

Edited by FireFox
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its not normal, you should check the sleep time between your TextMood steps, or your list is empty :)


yep, i thought to do it, I will add hotkey for show the SkypeTM window and try to delete the problem when you switch items ...

Cheers, FireFox.

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