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Save File As with increasing digits eg. a1.jpg, a2.jpg, a3.jpg etc.

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I want write a script that does the following:

1. Perform a program command

2. Save the file as "a1.jpg"

3. Perform another program command (slightly different)

4. Save the file as "a2.jpg"

5. etc

I need it to loop 360 times then stop. So i end up with 360 files, all slightly different, named a1.jpg, a2.jpg, a3.jpg... a360.jpg

How do I make the digit at the end of the filename increase (+1) in every loop? How do i make it stop after 360 times?


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Use a variable ...

You can use the & operator to construct the file names, like this :

filename = "a" & $number & ".jpg"

and then you increment the number like this

$number = $number + 1

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For $i = 1 To 360
    Send("{CTRLDOWN}{SHIFTDOWN}S") ; uses CTRL + SHIFT + S for save as (use your own here)
    sleep(0500) ; wait for the prompt
    Send("{a" & $i & ".jpg} {ENTER}")
    Sleep(0500) ; wait for the save to complete

Many ways of doing this but a For > Next loop is probably your best bet. If you are working from within a program, you can find out the shortcut for file > save as and use that with send keys and give it a sleep for the delay between the program prompt and another sleep delay for the saving of the file.

This is just a very bare "untested" example.

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