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cellphone to email remote

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im trying to make something that will poll the desktop like for every 10 minutes to see if there is a change in the text or to search for certain text and if it is there then to do certain commands, can anyone tell me what i should read about or what functions to use, im having trouble with my helpfile so im not sure, could it be get text or something like that? if someone could write a script real quick that would simply open up internet explorer if there is "asdf" in notepad , and open firefox if there is "jkl;" instead then that would be real helpful.. thanks im trying to make a cellphone to email remote type thing

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It's not going to be short hand or anything alike but I suggest that you read about the functions: FileRead(), StringInStr()...

and the UDF libraries FF.au3 and IE.au3. IE.au3 is pre-included with the installation of AutoIt so it's well documented, FF.au3 is available here, as usual it requires a little patience.

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Here is an example that might help :

Opt ('WinTitleMatchMode','2')
$KeyWord = 'Notepad'
Global $Command['10'], $Event['10']
$Command['1'] = 'FireFox'
$Event['1'] = '_Open_1'
If WinExists ('Notepad') Then 
$HWnD = WinGetHandle ($KeyWord)
$Text = WinGetText ($HWnD)
If StringInStr ($Text, $Command['1']) <> '0' Then _Open ()

Func _Open_1 ()
ShellExecute (@ProgramFilesDir & '\Mozilla Firefox\FireFox.exe')

How it works :

If 'Notepad' is open and the words 'FireFox' is written anywhere on it then it will call the function '_Open_1' and that will execute Mozilla Firefox

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