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[SOLVED] StringRegExp()

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I can read EVERY single part of the AutoIt documentation and understand it... but StringRegExp() drives me up the wall...


"/proxy-list/port.php?server=230906" <--- that appears MANY times within a PHP generated HTML page... I need to find all occurrences... I asked for help on RegExp before, and when I went back to the post, I can't find documentation for something...

It ended up looking something like...

$SourceText = "callServer_np('/new_pm.php?uid=1234567');</script></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></td><td class=header_right><img src=/images/p.gif width=29 height=1>"
Const $Pattern = "/new_pm\.php\?uid=([^']+)"

Dim $Matches = StringRegExp($SourceText, $Pattern, 1)
Dim $Match = $Matches[0]

ConsoleWrite($Match & @CRLF)


$PortImage = StringRegExp($List,"/proxy-list/port\.php\?server=([^']{6})", 3)

Although I still don't understand it... I managed to guess it to death... lol

+1 BinaryBrother (Accomplishment)

-1 BinaryBrother (Making a useless Topic)

:unsure: I can never pull ahead...

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