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$String = '<a href="dorf1.php?a=2&c=4dc">'

$nString = Stringsplit($String, '=', 2)

MsgBox(0, "", $nString[3])

The Msgbox will output


but i want only


how can i do this?

and my next question is:

How can i read a string out of a website? A string like this

<a href="dorf1.php?a=2&c=4dc">

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hope this helps.

You can do it using INetGet and String* functions

$sURL = "http://www.autoitscript.com"

InetGet($sURL, "source.html")
$String = FileRead("source.html")

$aMatch = StringRegExp($String, "<a.+?href=[\x22\x27](.*?)[\x22\x27].*?", 3) ; to get the URL's
If Not IsArray($aMatch) Then Exit 1

For $i = 0 To UBound($aMatch) - 1
;~  ConsoleWrite("A HREF [" & $i & "]   " & $aMatch[$i] & @CRLF)
    If StringInStr($aMatch[$i], "=") Then ; check if there is a = char we can split on
        $nString = StringSplit($aMatch[$i], '=') ; split the url, $nString[0] will contain the number of elements which we can use to get the last one
        ConsoleWrite("Part:     " & $nString[$nString[0]] & @CRLF) ; get the last query string element
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Edit: added IE example

Edited by Robjong

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