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Windows LogOnOff Screen


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Windows LogOnOff Screen

Seems to be an undocumented API call ?

#Include <WinAPI.au3>


Func WinLogOnOff()
Local $nCount
    $nCount = DllCall("shell32.dll", "int", 60, "hwnd", 0)
        Return $nCount[0]

ConsoleWrite( "DllCall Error " & _WinAPI_GetLastError () & @CRLF & _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage ()) ;Error 13: The data is invalid.

Just something I had laying around.



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Doing a bit of grave digging here. :)

Is just tested these and they produce slightly different results. The computer I tried these on has a pending Windows Update. Using the function from ptrex displays the "Shut Down Windows" windows with the "Install updates and shut down" option pre-selectd, while the line from TokGajah doesn't even have that option.

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