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Auto DL Speed Tester

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hi all,

so i have been asking one or two question on this forum for the last few weeks so i thought i would release what iv been working on.

I was asked to build an Auto DL speed tester by two forum admins that could gather data over a period (day/week/month) so that when you isp is throttling or just has not brought enough Central's to handle the peek periods (you know who you are o2 access) you would be able to see in a graphical manor and also keep a CSV log of this data.

I have spent about a month ish building it and have now got to the point where im just plugging bugs (but hopefully not so many now)

So as you guys have helped on a couple of points i thought it only reasonable to give a copy to anyone who might have need, and also get some feed back from the pro's .

here's the link to the main place that it resides JDAutoSpeedTester@ADSLhelper

i'd be interested in any comments.


Edited by JackDinn

Thx all,Jack Dinn.


JD's Auto Internet Speed Tester

JD's Clip Catch (With Screen Shot Helper)

Projects :- AutoIt - My projects

My software never has bugs. It just develops random features. :-D

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