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SendKeyDownDelay Help Please

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Hai, I'm not very good at scripting as you may be able to tell since I can't seem to figure this problem out (even with the help file and plenty of internet searching). I'm trying to use the 'SendKeyDownDelay' command to get Autoit to hold down some keys for me in a toggliing fashion for .4 seconds each. Also to Hold it down for say... 3 minutes as well. What need are just some good (multiple) examples how to use this command to this effect.

Here's what I wrote in my sad unsuccessful attempt and it's toggling the keys too quick:

Send("{a downdelay 400}")


Send("{d downdelay 400}")

I know this is wrong

I attempted to space them with a little "sleep" time but it didn't work either. Halp!!

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hmm. Would that actually hold down the 'a' key for me for .4 seconds before moving onto the other key using that format?

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I don't think so. It's just pushing the key but does not send multiple keys event or the scan code of the key as being pushed by the user. You can use this function to do that for you:

Run ('Notepad')
_SendKeyDown('a', 2000, 40)

Func _SendKeyDown($sKey, $iTime, $iDelay)
    If $sKey == "" Then Return
    $sKey = StringLeft($sKey, 1)
    Local $iTmp = Opt('SendKeyDownDelay', $iDelay)
    Local $iInit = TimerInit()
    Until TimerDiff($iInit) > $iTime
    Opt('SendKeyDownDelay', $iTmp)

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Very good, thanks Authenticity


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