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UDF to control Fire.fm (FireFox-AddOn) with FF.au3

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Here's an example for the FireFox-Addon Fire.fm how to control an FireFox-AddOn via the FF.au3:


Current functions in V5.0:

; _FF_FireFM_BanTrack

; _FF_FireFM_Fader

; _FF_FireFM_GetCurrentStation

; _FF_FireFM_GetFriends

; _FF_FireFM_GetNeighbours

; _FF_FireFM_GetSimilarArtists

; _FF_FireFM_GetStationHistory

; _FF_FireFM_GetTopArtists

; _FF_FireFM_GetTrackInfo

; _FF_FireFM_IsLoggedIn

; _FF_FireFM_IsPlaying

; _FF_FireFM_Loggin

; _FF_FireFM_LoveTrack

; _FF_FireFM_Player

; _FF_FireFM_PlayRandomStation

; _FF_FireFM_SetStation

; _FF_FireFM_SetVolume

Requirement(s).: FF.au3 >= / MozRepl / FireFM

Example Script:

#Region Includes
#include <Array.au3>
#include <FF.au3>
#include _FF_FireFM.au3
#EndRegion Includes

If _FFConnect() Then
    If Not @error Then

        ; fading volume

        ; get title information
        $a = _FF_FireFM_GetTrackInfo()

        ; skip the current song

        ; stop playing

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