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UDF to control Fox!Box (FireFox-AddOn) with FF.au3


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Here's an UDF for the FireFox-Addon Fox!Box:


Current functions:

; _FF_FoxBox_GetIP

; _FF_FoxBox_GetStatus

; _FF_FoxBox_Reconnect

; _FF_FoxBox_ToggleStatus

Requirement(s).: FF.au3 >= / MozRepl / Fox!Box

Example script:

#region Includes
#include <FF.au3>
#include "_FF_FoxBox.au3"
#endregion Includes

If _FFConnect() Then
    $sIP = _FF_FoxBox_GetIP()
    MsgBox(64, "External IP", $sIP)
    $sIP2 = _FF_FoxBox_Reconnect()
    MsgBox(64, "Your new external IP", "New: " & $sIP2 & @crlf & "Old: " & $sIP)
    MsgBox(64, "", "Toggling Fox!Box status ...")
    MsgBox(64, "", "Fox!Box status is now: " & @crlf & _FF_FoxBox_GetStatus())

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