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my source:

<div class="f10 b">&nbsp;Source:</div>



<td><img class="res" src="img/un/r/1.gif"></td>

<td>SourceA:</td><td align="right"><b>147&nbsp;</b></td><td> hour</td>



<td><img class="res" src="img/un/r/2.gif"></td>

<td>SourceB:</td><td align="right"><b>192&nbsp;</b></td><td> hour</td>



<td><img class="res" src="img/un/r/3.gif"></td>

<td>SourceC:</td><td align="right"><b>303&nbsp;</b></td><td> hour</td>



<td><img class="res" src="img/un/r/4.gif"></td>

<td>SourceD:</td><td align="right"><b>892&nbsp;</b></td><td> hour</td>



how can i get SourceB 192 value ?

can someone teach me ?

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