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Deactivate Autorun

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Since Autorun is an attack vector of Conflicker, I came up with this script to simply disable Autorun completely for all devices. That way I can easily deploy it to all the users I support.

Just run it and it will try to deactivate it. If there's a problem it will tell you.

;Simple script to disable Autorun, attempting both globally (HKLM) and locally (HKCU)
;0xff corresponds to all devices. Default is 0x91. It is set bitwise according to:


$CUautoReturn=Regwrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer", "NoDriveTypeAutoRun","REG_DWORD",0xff)
;Success writing returns 1

$CUautoRead=RegRead("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer", "NoDriveTypeAutoRun")

;Debug lines for testing conditions

;Smooth sailing
If $CUautoReturn=1 AND $LMautoReturn=1 AND $LMHonorReturn=1 AND $CUautoRead=0xff AND $LMautoRead=0xff AND $LMHonorRead=1 Then
    Msgbox(64,"Success", "Autorun successfully disabled!")

;Warning ->Values correct, problem writing
If ($CUautoReturn<>1 OR $LMautoReturn<>1 OR $LMHonorReturn<>1) AND $CUautoRead=0xff AND $LMautoRead=0xff AND $LMHonorRead=1 Then
    $outputString= "All values correctly set, however there was a problem writing to "
    If $CUautoReturn<>0 Then $outputString=$outputString&@CRLF&"HKCU NoDriveTypeAutoRun"
    If $LMautoReturn<>0 Then $outputString=$outputString&@CRLF&"HKLM NoDriveTypeAutoRun"
    If $LMHonorReturn<>0  Then $outputString=$outputString&@CRLF&"HKLM HonorAutoRunSetting"
    msgbox(48, "Autorun WARNING", $outputString)

;Error ->Incorrect Values
$outputString="Some values were incorrectly set!"
;Test $CUautoRead
If $CUautoRead= 0xff Then
    $outputString=$outputString&@CRLF&"CORRECT HKCU NoDriveTypeAutoRun set to 0xff"
    $outputString=$outputString&@CRLF&"ERROR HKCU NoDriveTypeAutoRun set to 0x"&hex($CUautoRead,2)& " NOT 0xff"
;Test $LMautoRead
If $LMautoRead=0xff Then
    $outputString=$outputString&@CRLF&"CORRECT HKLM NoDriveTypeAutoRun set to 0xff"
    $outputString=$outputString&@CRLF&"ERROR HKLM NoDriveTypeAutoRun set to 0x"&hex($LMautoRead,2)& " NOT 0xff"
; Test $LMHonorRead
If $LMHonorRead=0x1 Then
    $outputString=$outputString&@CRLF&"CORRECT HKLM HonorAutoRunSetting set to 0x1"
    $outputString=$outputString&@CRLF&"ERROR HKLM HonorAutoRunSetting set to 0x"&hex($LMHonorRead,2)& " NOT 0x1"

Msgbox(16,"Autorun ERROR", $outputString)


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