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Pure laziness, pls help string formatting.

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i have a text in this format

Input 15 Feb 2009 16:47 :0500
Output dd = 15, mmm = feb , yyyy = 2009 , hh = 16; mm = 47; ssss = 0500

i need it to be formatted as date or even if i get it as an array of texts i am ok

thanks a lot in advance. because i am working my mind on something else and i think there will be enough minds here to do it in seconds.


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got it already :-)

Func _Str2Date($InputString)

Local $OutPutDate[6]

$InputString = "15 Feb 2009 16:47 :0500"

While 1 ; trim spaces if there are any , at the start.
    If StringMid($InputString,1,1)= " " Then 

$OutPutDate[0] = Number(StringMid($InputString,1,2))
$OutPutDate[1] = StringMid($InputString,4,3)
$OutPutDate[2] = Number(StringMid($InputString,8,4))
$OutPutDate[3] = Number(StringMid($InputString,13,2))
$OutPutDate[4] = Number(StringMid($InputString,16,2))
$OutPutDate[5] = Number(StringMid($InputString,20,4))
    Return $OutPutDate
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