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[Solved] Update label while rest of script runs

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Ok, I'm not sure how to explain this, but here goes..

I have a program with a button that acts like start and stop for a stopwatch. Press start sets Running=1 pressing stop sets it to 0. easy enough.

When I press stop, the time_label updates with the time it took and it all works fine.

Now I want to update the label while the time is ticking, but if I make a "while running = 1", the program keeps running through the loop and doesn't notice any button clicks anymore.

Is it possible to do some kind of loop that runs in the background, while the rest of the script runs?

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have a look at AdlibEnable or just make an If condition in your main loop.


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Adlibenable is probably what you need. Another solution could be to add this to the while loop you presently have.

global $refreshing


if $refreshing=30 then




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