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Outlook Web Access ? Is this possible.

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I have never tried IE.au3 and all, but i am not sure how hard it is gonna be.

before i start, this is my situation:

1) I Have an account with our corporate Server which can be accessed only via Internet Explorer Engine - online.

2) I can use outlook but POP is not enabled when i send the machine to them they will include it in local network and then configure my PC accordingly, admin say.

3) Is is gonna be possible to Create an interface for OWA exclusive for our server use. (Unfortunately, i wont be able to reveal complete server details here in public forums)

4) above all, just a clarification, i am not going against our company policy or something, if i get this interface worked up, i would be able to get in touch with our IT dept and would continue using it with their permission - technically they have designed it to work as a web based interface at the moment and i would be using only IE engine to access the webmail.

5) Main purpose being easier mail handling and more , a few features like printing email , etc is a bit tough with OWA :-(

6) i am unsure if this is permissible with OWA 's License or IE's Licensing. ofcourse, i am not tampering with OWA but does MS permit using its engine like this - because i am too much into abiding by the general EULA normally, i would like to know if this is gonna be legal from MS end - coz from our IT dept , i wont have issues, i can sort it out. its just gonna make their life easier :-)

Of course, i am not sure how deep i can study Ie.au3 or such tools to tailor it to my need. but started something will give me an insight of using AutoIT's functionality more, i suppose

thanks a lot

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sorry for being too devious.

hmm, OWA is a webmail interface that is used by corporate environments running MS Exchange . i looked into the login page code and it looked all scripted in asp with java / vb. I was wondering if there is any one who has worked up a solution which might serve common for logging into a OWA interface .

Wiki : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outlook_Web_Access

Typical Login Page:KU Exchange

one may notice the login password fields , public private pc options remain the same, on most interfaces, there is also an option to show owalight.

Posted Image

here's a piece of interesting software : http://www.owanotify.com/download.asp this would notify if the OWA exchange mail box has any new mails...

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This works for me on the standard Exchange 2003 OWA Web Interface...by the way thanks for sharing that link to OWANotify.exe, I have been looking for such an application.

#include <ie.au3>

Dim $OWAWindow = "Microsoft Outlook Web Access"
Dim $ieobject, $theForm, $fUsername, $fPassword, $fPremium

Dim $Username = "your_username"
Dim $Password = "your_password"
Dim $Premium = 1
Dim $Private = 1

;Main Logic
$ieobject = _IEAttach($OWAWindow)
$theForm = _IEFormGetObjByName($ieobject, "logonForm")
$fUsername = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($theForm, "username")
$fPassword = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($theForm, "password")

_IEFormElementSetValue($fUsername, $Username)
_IEFormElementSetValue($fPassword, $fPassword)

If $Premium = 1 Then
    _IEFormElementRadioSelect($theForm, "0", "rdoRich")
ElseIf $Premium = 0 Then
    _IEFormElementRadioSelect($theForm, "1", "rdoBasic")

If $Private = 1 Then
    _IEFormElementRadioSelect($theForm, "4", "rdoTrusted")
ElseIf $Private = 0 Then
    _IEFormElementRadioSelect($theForm, "0", "rdoPublic")


;<INPUT id="rdoRich" checked type="radio" name="forcedownlevel" value="0" onclick="flags.value &= 14">
;<INPUT id="rdoBasic" type="radio" name="forcedownlevel" value="1" onclick="flags.value |= 1">

;<INPUT id="rdoPublic" checked type="radio" name="trusted" value="0" onclick="onclickSecurity();">
;<INPUT id="rdoTrusted" name="trusted" type="radio" value="4" onclick="onclickSecurity();">

;<INPUT type="submit" value="Log On" id="SubmitCreds" name="SubmitCreds">

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If your intention is to do things with IE.au3, your life will be made much easier if you download/install DebugBar (http://www.debugbar.com/). It will help you find the various elements of webpages for use with IE.au3.

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i use the developer tools in IE 8 which is sort of good tool :-) anyways i will check debugbar. trouble is ihavent got into IE.au3 yet. i have to study it a lot :-) as simple as it is , jargon it is for a newbie like me :-) i wil get through it... thanks a lot

actually such a script is the exact reason i posted the topic here, thanks mate. i will try to see if its gonna suit our owa.

oh god, i forgot there was a file i saw called UDFs.chm just like i use Autoit.chm to understand syntax i was about to waste people's time putting in some stupid questions about IEattach, etc sorry about that. i will dig into the help file and post the questions here thanks a lot

my idea was to develop a bit of nicer interface just like the CDCovers.cc webpage info is available here. thanks in advance.

<edit> after a couple of hours of struggling, i managed to create a script that createsa new ie window, then puts int the login information and then clicks on login, but alas, its all scripted input fields which needs controlsend, etc to be used, so i might stop here rather than wasting time in creating a script that might be useless :-( anyways , my current script would by pass the certificate error page and then go to the login page, enter information and login. whoa, my inbox is already open :-) this was the original purpose of AutoIT wasnt it, automation ?? :-)

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