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Html-Code + StringRegExp

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Hey guys,

first i had to say sorry for my bad english but i'll try my best :D.

Ok , i want to filter out the newest thread , the poster , the poster's profile Link , the time , and the area which the newest thread belong to.

Here are the infos u need for search/filter the informations out:

Newest Thread = GameNizor.cs - Einfaches Speicherauslesen mit c#

Area = Coding Allgemein

Poster = trigger3

Time = 17:50

trigger3's Profile Link = http://forum.cp-g.net/index.php?page=User&userID=17710

if my english is so bad that the english members can't understand it pls say it then i'll ask a friend for a translation :o.

so long,


Here is the Link to the Html-Code (.txt)

Ps:if you want you can get a mention in the credits for helping me just say is^^! :D

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$oElements = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "ul")
For $oElement In $oElements
    If StringInStr($oElement.className, "breadCrumbs") Then
        $sID = StringReplace($oElement.outerhtml, @CRLF, "")
        $aSRE = StringRegExp($sID, '(?i)<span>(.*?)<.*?<span>(.*?)<.*?<A href="(.*?)">.*?<span>(.*?)<.*?</b>,(.*?)\)', 3)

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