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MSN Contact File Handler

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It can read msn ctt files and give the contacts in it, Please report any bugs in comments.

Download: CTT_MSN.ZIP

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Can you please explain what it does?

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You can Export your contact list into an XML styled file, called "WhatEver.ctt", this list can be later imported to another account, or computer.

Jeantje's example includes a UDF for parsing those CTT files into variables using Regular Expressions more recognizable by AutoIt in a friendlier output. :D

#include "MSN_CTT.au3"
$ContactCount = GetMSNContactsNUM(FileRead("Example.ctt"))
For $N = 0 To $ContactCount
     MsgBox(0, "Contact " &$N, GetMSNContactsData(FileRead("Example.ctt"), $i))

The two function introduced in this UDF are;


GetMSNContactsData("CTT FILE", $ContactNumber) ; aka ContactName

Interesting, just curious as how it can be applied though... :o

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