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Which linefeed is the correct one?

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Not necessary but:

what is the correct linefeed to use in autoit?

right now I'm using @CRLF, as it was wat I started off using, and can't be bothered to change...

is there actually a difference, if so, which one is better.


Carriage return, Chr(13); sometimes used for line breaks.


Line feed, Chr(10); typically used for line breaks.


= @CR & @LF ;occasionally used for line breaks.

so I presume its @LF that I should use...

and as said in the title, it must be some forum command code, @....

couse I can't search any forums for @CRLF

> Board Message

Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

The error returned was:

There was an error processing the request. Please go back and try again, or contact an administrator for assistance.

index ipb_search_topics: query error: no field 'LF' found in schema

any help?

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Windows uses @CRLF for new line

*nix uses @LF

and Mac OS uses @CR

* LF: Multics, Unix and Unix-like systems (GNU/Linux, AIX, Xenix, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, etc.), BeOS, Amiga, RISC OS, and others

* CR+LF: DEC RT-11 and most other early non-Unix, non-IBM OSes, CP/M, MP/M, DOS, OS/2, Microsoft Windows, Symbian OS

* CR: Commodore machines, Apple II family, Mac OS up to version 9 and OS-9

Unicode has some more delimiters, but they are rareky used :D

NEL: Next Line, U+0085

FF: Form Feed, U+000C

LS: Line Separator, U+2028

PS: Paragraph Separator, U+2029

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Windows uses @CRLF for new line

*nix uses @LF

and Mac OS uses @CR

So I want to use @CRLF then If im running on winxp? thats ok then!


Anyone got a clue why I cant search the forms for it though?

is it some sort of command parameter?

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