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I'll pay if you make script

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Can someone make me a script? I'll pay if it's a reasonable price. Here are the steps I want it to do

1. uTorrent is auto downloading

2. If there are mkv or mp4 files convert them to avi with subtitles hardcoded

3. Upload the converted video to viddler.com

4. Grab the embed code and post it onto my wordpress site. The way it's setup iss kind of similar to this site anime-ds.com

5. Delete file & converted video on local drive

6. Check to see if there are new files that uTorrent downloaded

7. Repeat step 2-5

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Alternatively write it yourself, because if you have money you must have some brains. But then again...

Oh and make all $USD10million payable to my Swiss bank account. Then you shall receive you script.

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