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Detect changes to an edit control

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I can answer most of my own questions with online documentation and searching the forums, but I didn't see anything relevant in the forum and do not know what to took for in the documentation. I'd like to have a disabled save button that becomes enabled when the text in an edit control is changed.

I can't use GUIOnEventMode as I still need to watch GUIGetMsg.

I tried watching GUIGetMsg for the ControlID of the edit control which was almost usable, but it does not respond till the control losses focus instead of when it gets focus.

Sorry I don't have any sample code, but I don't know how to do this in Autoit. What can I use to detect changes to the edit control?


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#include <guiconstantsEx.au3>

Global $hTemp = "This is the normal text"

$Edit1 = GUICtrlCreateEdit("This is the normal text", 10, 20, 200, 150)
$button = GUICtrlCreateButton("Disable", 150, 250, 100, 25)
GUICtrlSetState($button, $GUI_DISABLE)

While GUIGetMsg() <> -3

    $Info = GUICtrlRead($Edit1)
    If $Info <> $hTemp Then
        $hTemp = $Info
        GUICtrlSetState($button, $GUI_ENABLE)




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welcome to the forums newcoder

examples are on the forum

search for EN_UPDATE or EN_CHANGE

use WM_COMMAND message handler: GUIRegisterMsg($WM_COMMAND, "WM_COMMAND")

use hiword of wparam in message handler for EN_UPDATE or EN_CHANGE notifications

notifies of any change in an Edit control

I see fascists...

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