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Basically have an already working script for what i need.. except i would like to add a few features:

1:) GUI for user input (number)

2:) GUI to load a txt file as input

3:) Hotkey for pause / resuming.

here is what i have so far:

HotKeySet("{F11}", "_Pause")
Func _Pause()
While 1
Func _end()
Exit 0
$fileinput = FileOpen("enc.txt", 0)
$i = 1;
while $i <= 117
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)
WinActivate("MeGUI 0.3")
WinWait("MeGUI 0.3","")
WinMove("MeGUI 0.3","",1,1)
MouseClick("left",164,42,1,3);select tools
MouseClick("left",239,176,1,3);select avs script creator
WinWait("MeGUI - AviSynth script creator","")
WinMove("MeGUI - AviSynth script creator","",1,1);move aviscript creator tab to top left
MouseClick("left",447,90,1,3) ;selects source
$line = FileReadLine($fileinput)
WinWait("Select a source file","")
WinActivate("Select a source file","")
WinWait("Current position: ","")
WinClose("Current position: ")
MouseClick("left",441,500,1,3);Saves the script
MouseClick("left",487,296,1,3);Selects audio input
WinWait("Select your audio input","")
WinActivate("Select your audio input","")
MouseClick("left",474,509,1,3) ; autoencode button
WinWait("MeGUI - Automatic Encoding","")
WinMove("MeGUI - Automatic Encoding","",1,1)
MouseClick("left",365,410,1,3);first user defined size
MouseClick("left",385,236,1,3);queue button
;MouseClick("left",185,58,1,3) ; Container Click
;MouseClick("left",146,76,1,3) ; MKV Format
;MouseClick("left",131,91,1,3) ; MP4 Format
$i = $i + 1

ideas and comments appreciated. :D

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Try looking at the GUI*() functions in the help file.

Post your code because code says more then your words can. SciTe Debug mode - it's magic: #AutoIt3Wrapper_run_debug_mode=Y. Use Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1)[topic="84960"]Brett F's Learning To Script with AutoIt V3[/topic][topic="21048"]Valuater's AutoIt 1-2-3, Class... is now in Session[/topic]Contribution: [topic="87994"]Get SVN Rev Number[/topic], [topic="93527"]Control Handle under mouse[/topic], [topic="91966"]A Presentation using AutoIt[/topic], [topic="112756"]Log ConsoleWrite output in Scite[/topic]

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Well... If your not familiar with GUI's try tasking a look at this...

$Number = InputBox("Title","Input a number please")


$Number = FileOpenDialog("Choose File") ;etc...
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