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Help with a simple script ~

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I need help on making a simple script that do the following :

press a key

check if a certain pixel color on the screen appear, if it does, wait like 10 sec and repeat

if it not wait 2 sec and press backspace

press the original key aggain and repeat

can anyone help? thanks.

Far as i can go is get it to press the key and repeat, i dont know how to work the pixel color part =(

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Can you be more specific? =/ I dont know what that is

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Welcome to the forum!

It would be easiest to use pixelchecksum, which checks if any pixels in a region have changed. If that works, you could use something like this:

I commented it for you, since your new.

$checksumregion = PixelChecksum(left, top, right, bottom) ; left top right and bottom define the area that it checks

While 1; infinite loop
    Sleep(1000); the sleep function uses milliseconds
    If $checksumregion <> PixelChecksum(left, top, right, bottom) Then; checks if the region has changed
        Sleep(10000); if it has, it waits 10 seconds
        Sleep(2000); else it waits 2 seconds
        Send("{backspace}"); and sends backspace

pixelsearch would work too, but you would have to know the exact coordinates of the pixel.

The helpfile is a great resource.

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