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Retrieve information from PCI card (it's drivers)

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What I want is to recreate WinFast Remote Control (BytEncoder Software). (link here)

A tool that can retrieve WinFast IR Remote Control's commands.

The WinFast Remote Control (WRC) is a great tool, but I would like more freedom in choosing Remote Control (RC) commands, more than WRC gives me, so I came up the idea to make my own application for this, but I can't find a way to get information from my RC.

I guess WRC is using winfast's original drivers, and I browsed through them, but couldn't find any for RC (I have found driver libraries for Video/Audio capture, TV Tuner, etc... but not the RC ones). Then I came up with winmm.dll file (i've found out that WRC is calling it), with bunch of functions not only for media, but for joy. as well, maybe this is what's getting controls from my winfast's RC, I dunno, maybe some of You can help me...

EDIT: Maybe this could be done much easier, reading memory from WinFast's original file (the one that can receive RC commands)?

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