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Need help with Readline, countline, and OR

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I am writing a script that opens up a file that is being constantly wrote to, and I need it to read the last line. However, when the countline runs the first time, it reads the line of text when it was opened last - could be 2 days old, could be 5 seconds. I came up with the fix to just do two countlines, so it finds the most recent line and outputs it.

Is there a solution to this? Or is this the best way to get this done?

Example of what that means (I am very bad at wording things)

$CountLines = _FileCountLines("C:\Users\....") gives an output of line 23
where as
_FileCountLines("C:\Users\....") output of line 23
$CountLines = _FileCountLines("C:\Users\....") output of line 400

Also, using the line given from above, i use readline to...read it, and it gives something out. Now, I am using a script that compares that line to a HUGE list of possible things, but I have not found a way to make this work.

Example -

$itemz = "boot" OR "coif" OR "sword" OR "axe" OR "shard" ... goes on for 100 things.
$impc = pixelsearch ( $tlx, $tly, $brx, $bry, $water, 0, 2)

$CountLines = _FileCountLines("C:\Users\....")
$text = filereadline ("C:\Users\....", $countlines) 

While $1 = 1
if $text = "You damage the "& $itemz & " a little." then 
                        Mouseclick ("right", $impc[0], $impc[1], 1)

So, if $text gave an output of "You damage the axe a little." , the script will work if $itemz = "axe", but if I include an OR in there, the function breaks; the script ends.

Is there anyway to make $itemz include an OR func or something of the sort? I really do not want to have it do something like ...

if $text = "You damage the axe a little." then
else if $text = "You damage the coif a little." then
else if $text = ....

I understand that is fully possible, but it would seriously slow the script down?

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Use StringRegExp like:

Dim $sItems = '(?:axe|knife|hammer|soap)'

If StringRegExp($sLine, '(?i)You damage the ' & $sItems & ' a littile.') Then...

Edit: damage...

Edit2: Changed to non capturing instead of character class....

Edited by Authenticity

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and I need it to read the last line.

FileReadLine($Location, -1)

then maybe you want to try StringInString($itemz, $Line-Read)



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Thank you! That fixed that, but now I realized I have another problem.

Me just now being introduced to Dim and stringregexp, I am not sure how to do this.

I need to make a thing to look for a timestamp - the time stamp can look like [12:34:45] but being time, it can change #'s (wow, I am good at describing the anomalies of life)...

I think it would look like this -

dim $hour1 = '(0|1|2)'
dim $hour2 = '(0|1|2)'
dim $min1 = '(0|1|2|3|4|5|6)'
dim $min2 = '(0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9)
; $min1 and $min2 are usable for secondsoÝ÷ Úë"a¢Ç¢{-³

work? (if i was looking for "[01:23:45] You damage the axe a little.")

EDIT: fixed last bit of code

Edited by lowpass

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If you need to match a square brackets you need to escape it like '\[' because otherwise it may be interpreted as a character class.

For the timestamp (if you can call it a timestamp) you don't need something special, just do something like:

Dim $aMatch = StringRegExp($text, '\[\d\d?:\d\d?:\d\d?\]')

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