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DllStructCreate() and _MemoryRead()

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Hey folks,

i want to use custom structs in my memoryRead functions (by Nomad). Now i dont quite get the math behind it:


Func _Struct()
    return DllStructCreate (        _
        "dword var1;"           &   _
        "dword var2;"           &   _
        "dword var3;"               &   _
        "dword var4;"           &   _
        "dword var5;"           &   _
        "dword var5;"                   &   _
        "dword var7;"           &   _
        "dword var8;"           &   _
        "dword var9;"           &   _
        "dword var10;"          &   _
        "dword var11;"          &   _
        "dword var12;"          &   _
        "uint64 var13;"             &   _
        "dword var14;"          &   _
        "ptr var15;"                &   _
        "dword pool[20];"       &   _
        "float var17;"          &   _
        "float var18;"          &   _
        "float var19;"          &   _
        "dword dummy;"      &   _
        "float var20" )
EndFuncoÝ÷ Ù8^'+y«^²ç!jËk¹Ëo¦®¶­sbb33c·7G'V7BÒõ7G'V7B

Now if I read my Memory at 0x100000 and save it to $struct, i can grad the data via DllStructGetData(). So far so good.

i figured a 'dword' would take up 4 blocks in my RAM. Meaning var2 would be the same as to read Memory at 0x100004. uint64 would take 8 blocks. etc. but that does not seem to be correct. Can anyone help?


Never mind! I figured it out!

Thank you ^_^


Edited by Zephir

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