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TCP/Array problem....

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Need help getting the TCPSend command to send an array...

$header = DllStructCreate("ubyte var1;ubyte var2;ubyte var3;ubyte var4;ubyte var5;ubyte var6;ubyte var7;ubyte var8")
$header1 = DllStructCreate("ubyte var1;ubyte var2")


Dim $sendheader[10]
$sendheader[0] = DllStructGetData($header,1)
$sendheader[1] = DllStructGetData($header,2)
$sendheader[2] = DllStructGetData($header,3)
$sendheader[3] = DllStructGetData($header,4)
$sendheader[4] = DllStructGetData($header,5)
$sendheader[5] = DllStructGetData($header,6)
$sendheader[6] = DllStructGetData($header,7)
$sendheader[7] = DllStructGetData($header,8)
$sendheader[8] = DllStructGetData($header1,1)
$sendheader[9] = DllStructGetData($header1,2)

_ArrayDisplay($sendheader, "Whole array" ) ;This confirmed the array is set up with the information i want after having it displayed...
; I connect to my LAN server
$socket = TCPConnect( $ip, $port)
: I send the the packet in ubyte array formation...
TCPSend($socket, $sendheader)
; test server shows this Client Connected:
; but it doesnt show any data sent from the tcpsend command
; i dont know why it doesnt show any data because
; ive sent data in ubyte by the tcpsend command and it works but when i try to send a array in ubyte formation it doesnt work....
; but my guess at this point is for some reason the tcpsend command cant sent an array that is in ubyte formation?

Also I dont get any errors when running the script...

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Nope, it's not the way to do it. You need to send each subscript a time. Example:

For $i = 0 To UBound($sendheader)-1
    TCPSend($socket, $sendheader[$i])

Try for example this: ConsoleWrite($sendheader & @LF) and you'll see why it's not working.

if you need the receiver to get the chunk as it is and not break the receiver it's functionality of waiting to a chunk of data you can create a pipe '|' separated string of the chunk and send it as a whole. The receiver will then split it on pipes.

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Thanks for the fast help Authenticity.

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