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lol i got bored.. so i made this ( i actually have been thinking of how to do it) but i couldn't get {F5} to run the func... so yeah what i wanted was whenever i tested the script i was currently on.. it would add +1 to the version #... but i could't do that... well.. i was to lazy to do that so i made this

#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version:
 Author:         Cody Barrett

 Script Function:
    Makes Version numbers for apps.. and records them

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
HotKeySet ('!^v', '_New_Version_')
HotKeySet ('!^n', '_New_Prog_')
HotKeySet ('!^{ESC}', '_Exit_')
Dim $hWnd, $i, $a
_New_Prog_ ()
While 1
    Sleep (100)
Func _New_Prog_ ()
    $hWnd=InputBox ('New Program?', 'Please type in the name of the new program to set version updates for.')
    If FileExists ($hWnd) Then
        $i=FileRead ($hWnd)
            $i=StringRight ($i, $a)
        Until StringRight ($i, 1)='#'
        _New_Version_ ()
Func _New_Version_ ()
    MsgBox (0,'UPDATED','New Version Updated! #' & $i)
    FileWrite (@ScriptDir & '\' & $hWnd, @CRLF & @CRLF & 'Version Updated...' & @CRLF & '   Version #' & $i)
Func _Exit_ ()

lmao its not very pretty.. but it DOES make a .txt with the version #s in it... all i have to do is remember to look into that txt file ;)

yeah haha... now im bored again... gonna go to the drawing board ^_^


last known version# couldn't be loaded.. now it can (just have to know the txt name)

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