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I'm stuck on what to do next :(

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I'm wanting to make a diablo 2 bot for learning purposes.. a den of evil bot. I've started and got to the point where it gets in game.. but i guess now the hardest part comes.. the pathing or the moving.. detecting what map is loaded and how to move from point a to point b.. this is where i was stuck 2 years ago and couldn't figure it out and i gave up lol. I couldn't understand how to do it and maybe I still can't. Maybe i need a different project lol but i'm open to any comments or suggestions or help.

I need a start on how to make my bot move. How to get it to detect what map has been loaded and how to move from the start to the den. I tried searching, i treid reading many other bot topics and i read about setting waypoints and memory reading and all that. But that doesn't work in Diablo 2 does it. Oh well Here is my code.. up to the point it gets into the game.

Dim $UN = IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\Setup.ini","UNPW","Username","Not Found")
Dim $PW = IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\Setup.ini","UNPW","Password","Not Found")
Dim $D2Dir = IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\Setup.ini","D2Dir","Diablo Directory","Not Found")
Dim $Charslot = IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\Setup.ini","Charslot","Slot#","Not Found")
Dim $String = StringSplit(IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\Setup.ini", "Random", "String", "Not Found"), ",")
Dim $Exit = HotKeySet("{ESC}","Stop")
Dim $Gn = GameName()

Func Stop()

Run($D2Dir) ; Opens d2
WinWait("Diablo II") ; Waits for d2 to activate
WinActivate("Diablo II")
WinWaitActive("Diablo II")
Send(50) ; gives cpu time to think
WinMove("Diablo II","",0,0) ; moves d2 window to top left
Sleep(2800) ; waits for it to get to login screen
Send("{TAB}") ; moves to account login input box
Send($UN) ; types username
Send("{TAB}") ; moves to password input box
Send($PW) ; types password
Send("{ENTER}") ; submits un & pw

While 1 ; Will add option to choose different chars later
        Case $Charslot = 1

Func GameName() ; this Function creates a random game name.
    $Name = ""
    $iLength = Random(3, 15, 1)      ; Create a random length between 3 and 15 characters
    For $x = 1 to $iLength           ; <=== x determines which character you are currently at in the string
        $y = Random(1, 62, 1)
        Switch $y
            Case 1 to 10             ; y is between 1 and 10
                $Name &= Chr($y + 47); Numbers 0-9     ;<== y + 47 will equal ASCII codes 48 - 57
            Case 11 to 36            ; y is between 11 and 36
                $Name &= Chr($y + 54); Letters A-Z     ;<== y + 54 will equal ASCII codes 65 - 90
            Case 37 to 62            ; y is between 37 and 62
                $Name &= Chr($y + 60); Letters a-z     ;<== y + 60 will equal ASCII codes 97 - 122
    Return $Name

Send("{ENTER}") ; submits char selection
Sleep(2000) ; waits 2 seconds before clicking create game
MouseClick("left", 595, 485, 1) ; clicks create game.
Send($Gn) ; types game name
Send("{TAB}") ; moves to game pass
Send($Gn) ; types game pass
Send("{ENTER}") ; submits random game name and pass
Sleep(3000) ; waits 3 seconds to enter game

Here is the .ini

Username = UN
Password = PW

Diablo Directory = C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe -w -ns -skiptobnet

Slot# = 1

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What will I have to mod? I've spent the past couple hours reading tutorials and finding tools to read mpq's and read a 36 page pdf tutorial.. didn't have anything about changing the color and that's what i need to do isn't it.. I saw a d2 bot work on youtube that made the diablo 2 screen modded black completely and made a path of a blue line the path it has to follow from point a to point b.. is that what i have to do? seems even more complicated to make a d2 pathing bot than a WoW travel bot to me now T_T has anyone here actually made a d2 pathing bot?

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Has anyone made a d2 pathing bot or done any color modding in diablo 2?

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Do you need to code it in autoit?

Otherwise redvex is an great gateway program that you can use.

you could google for more info if you want.

Most/best diablo 2 bots are made with autoit to login and create games and redvex to control the character+pickup etc.


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