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Text is Highlighted In New Edit Box

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If this has be resolved in another thread I apologize I could not find it with search.

My question is, why would this example below have the text in the new edit box highlighted?

GUICtrlCreateEdit("Why is this line highlighted?", 0, 0)
While 1
WEndoÝ÷ Ø    ݶ¬¢w¢É÷öÖ®¶­sduT7&VFRgV÷CµFW7BgV÷C²¢b33c¶VFBÒuT7G&Ä7&VFTVFBgV÷C²gV÷C²Â¤uT6WE7FFR5uõ4õr¤uT7G&Å6WDFFb33c¶VFBÂgV÷C´'WBF22æ÷BâgV÷C²¥vÆR 6ÆVWS¥tVæ

I know what I changed and can make it work (somewhat) was I intend it to but why this happens just isnt clear to me.

Is there a way to make an edit box's contents not be highlighted at start without this kind of work around?

Thanks in advance!

AutoIt changed my life.

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