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I am trying to get some CLI programs to run using RunWait, ShellExecuteWait with no success

The programs are

brc32.exe - a rename utility

winscp.com - ftp for sftp/ftp etc...

I've tried examples from searches and the help file, no succes.

$val = RunWait("c:\Program Files\winscp\BRC32.exe /PATTERN:'SOI*.pdf' /PREFIX:'1_' /DIR:'X:\077Souther\Reports\NoConditions'", @WindowsDir, @SW_MAXIMIZE)

$val = RunWait("c:\Program Files\winscp\BRC32.exe " & '/PATTERN:"SOI*.pdf" /PREFIX:"1_" /DIR:"X:\077Souther\Reports\NoConditions" /EXECUTE', "", "")

These do nothing but present up a quick black DOS box that disappears and then randomly gives error codes of 0,1 and/or a PID, but these never run.

Even a simple BAT file will not run when called.

winscp.com and BRC32.exe are in the %PATH% and I've run it from a DOS box with out issue.

Just can not get AutoIt to run these.

AutoIt V1.76


How do you get these commands to run and the script to wait for these commands with the parameters?

I am loosing my mind.


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I don't know the program or the arguments involved, but I always use a message box to test the outcome

Hope it helpps

$val = MsgBox(4096, "", "c:\Program Files\winscp\BRC32.exe " & '/PATTERN:"SOI*.pdf" /PREFIX:"1_" /DIR:"X:\077Souther\Reports\NoConditions" /EXECUTE')



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