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The strangest of number (float) glitches

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ok guys, i stumbled across something unusual this morning, at first it was baffeling but with a little perciverance i found the problem!

example code: (sry its a bit chunky)

Global $odds_arr[352]
    $COA_num = 1.00
    $COA_int = 0
    While 1
        $COA_int += 1
        If $COA_num >= 1.00 And $COA_num <= 1.99 Then
            $COA_num += 0.01
        ElseIf $COA_num >= 2 And $COA_num <= 2.98 Then
            $COA_num += 0.02
        ElseIf $COA_num >= 3 And $COA_num <= 3.95 Then
            $COA_num += 0.05
        ElseIf $COA_num >= 4 And $COA_num <= 5.90 Then
            $COA_num += 0.10
        ElseIf $COA_num >= 6 And $COA_num <= 9.80 Then
            $COA_num += 0.20
        ElseIf $COA_num >= 10 And $COA_num <= 19.50 Then
            $COA_num += 0.50
        ElseIf $COA_num >= 20 And $COA_num <= 29 Then
            $COA_num += 1
        ElseIf $COA_num >= 30 And $COA_num <= 48 Then
            $COA_num += 2
        ElseIf $COA_num >= 50 And $COA_num <= 95 Then
            $COA_num += 5
        ElseIf $COA_num >= 100 And $COA_num <= 990 Then
            $COA_num += 10
        MsgBox(0, $COA_num, Round($COA_num, 2))
        $COA_num = Round($COA_num, 2)
        $odds_arr[$COA_int] = $COA_num
        ;_ArrayDisplay($odds_arr, "")
        If $COA_num >= 1000 Then
    $odds_arr[$COA_int+1] = 0

as some of you may know, some of the lower number (float / decimals) have trouble converting into an exact number, this is why i use "$COA_num = Round($COA_num, 2)" to make sure the number is rounded nicely before adding it into my array. however this morning, it was back to square one and the numbers were doing funny things again. i turned my clock back a day thinking it might be a new month a new bug curse (rofl), but no that wasnt it, infact it turned out to be a conflict with GunCam (http://www.growlersoftware.com/), which is a screen recording software, 14 day trial and good software btw.

yeh for some reason when GunCam is running (from the tray), it causes the Round() function not to operate, as far as i can tell. is this just my comp playing up or what?

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