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[Solved] How to Select an Item in a ComboBox in eMule?

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If you run eMule, and goto the Search tab,

you will see there the Type ComboBox, which contains these items:

- Any

- Archive

- Audio



- Video

I am trying to Automatically select an Item in that ComboBox, and this is what I got so far:

The first implementation I used, was to send a letter.

This works well for some of the items,

for example ControlSend "v" to that ComboBox, will Select the "Video" type.

However sending a letter does not work for all items,

for example, try to select the "Audio" item, and you will not succeed.

Seinding "a", will Select "Any".

(and then it's possible to use the Down Arrow key to select other items starting with "a").

In short,

I am trying to use a better approach.

when I use this:

Local   $hComboBox      =ControlGetHandle("(U:","","[ClassNN:ComboBox1]")
Local   $Item_Index =_GUICtrlComboBox_FindString($hComboBox,"Video")

I get -1..


please note that in the ControlGetHandle function, the "(U:" parameter is my emule's window title(the beginning of it).

If in your version the window title starts differently, then change it to your title.

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The solution can be found here

Thanks to sPeziFisH

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