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CheckBox in combination with Ini file

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I got stuck with the following:

I have a GUI with a 2-state GUICtrlCreateCheckbox and many other GUICtrlCreateInput

When the GUI starts it several IniRead set all GUICtrlSetData accordingly

the GUI stops for the user to change eventually some entries, then a Button starts processing.

To write the status to the Ini file I use

IniWrite($sIniPfad & $sIni, "Galerie", "Original", BitAND(GUICtrlRead($Check_Box_1),1))

that works. Now I am looking for a similar way to read out the ini file and GUICtrlSetData to the CheckBox.


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$Checked = IniRead("Your Location", "Galerie", "Original", 0)

; later....

If $Checked <> 0 Then GUICtrlSetState( $Checkbox, $GUI_CHECKED)


Thanks. I confounded CtrlSetState with CtrlSetData for CheckBox, that was the reason things didn't work.

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