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Trying to use 2 loops I think...

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Okay, what I'm trying to do is have each sheet in the array go through the do loop. Each sheet prompting user for where the last instance of a name is listed so it can stop, and move on to next sheet.

#include <Excel.au3>
#include <Word.au3>
#include <array.au3>

$sFilePath1 = "S:\IT\Jason\excel.xls" ;This file should already exist
$oExcel = _ExcelBookOpen($sFilePath1)

If @error = 1 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error!", "Unable to Create the Excel Object")
ElseIf @error = 2 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error!", "File does not exist")

Local $avArray[6]

;Excel sheets

$avArray[0] = "AAC-OVER$50 TO ESCH"
$avArray[1] = "AIB-OVER $50 TO ESCH"
$avArray[2] = "BEDFORD"
$avArray[3] = "CRUSADER-STALE 100.140"
$avArray[4] = "CRUSADER-OVER $50 TO ESCH"
$avArray[5] = "UNIFAX-OVER $50 TO ESCH"

_ExcelSheetActivate($oExcel, $avArray)

$CertType = InputBox("","Please enter Certification format")

$RowNumber = InputBox("","What row number the last name is listed on?")

$i = 8

$aArray1 = _ExcelReadArray($oExcel, $i, 2, 9, 0, 0)

$aDate = $aArray1[6]

$year = StringMid ($aDate, 1, 4)
$mon = StringMid ($aDate, 5, 2)
$day = StringMid ($aDate, 7, 2)

$aArray1[6] = ($mon & "/" & $day & "/" & $year)
$aArray1[8] = "$"&$aArray1[8]

$oWordApp = _WordCreate ("")
$oDoc2 = _WordDocOpen ($oWordApp, "S:\IT\Jason\word.doc")
$oDoc = _WordDocGetCollection($oWordApp, 0)
$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "DATEHERE", "May 12, 2009")
$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "NAME1", $aArray1[0])
$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "ADDRESS1", $aArray1[1])
$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "CITY1", $aArray1[2])
$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "STATE1", $aArray1[3])
$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "ZIPCODE1", $aArray1[4])

$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "CHECKNUMBER", $aArray1[5])
$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "CHECKDATE", $aArray1[6])
$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "CERT", $CertType&":"&" "&$aArray1[7])
$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "AMOUNTHERE", $aArray1[8])



$i = $i + 1

until $i = $RowNumber

EDIT: Ok nm! I figured it out!

Edited by Klexen

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