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FileListToArray help

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First let me explain what this is supposed to do...

This is supposed to get a list of all folders inside the "Images" folder that start with "12_" Which it does. Then it's supposed to zip up each individual folder that is inside the folder that starts with "12_" which it does.

However, I have two problems...

1. If one of the 12_ folders is empty the program will generate a msgbox saying the name of the folder it came across that was empty, and then stop.

Would it be possible to exclude folders that start with 12_ but are empty? If so how? If not, how could I make it skip the empty 12_ABCDEF folder and continue to the next one that might not be empty?

2. While everything zips the way I want it to... I don't like the fact that the archive is structured like ... 12_ABCDEF/SUBDIRECTORY1/FILESANDFOLDERS I want the archive to only be SUBDIRECTORY1/FILESANDFOLDERS Does that make sense?

Thank you!

#Include <File.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>
#include <7Zip.au3>

;Get list of folders that contain 12_ and add to array
If @Error=1 Then
    MsgBox (0,"","No Files\Folders Found.")

;Delete the count of how many are in array

;Get highest number of row in array
$MaxIndex = _ArrayMaxIndex($FileList)

;Get list of folders inside the $FileList array
$i = 0

    $SubList = _FileListToArray("C:\Imaging\Images\"&$FileList[$i])
    If @error Then MsgBox(0,"",$FileList[$i] & " " & "is empty")
    ;Delete the count of how many are in array

;Get highest number of row in array
$MaxSubIndex = _ArrayMaxIndex($SubList)

;Zip up all the folders that are in the FileList subdirectories.
$b = 0
$ArcFile = "\\UAC20\Home\jason\My Documents\programs\"&$FileList[$i]&"\"&$SubList[$b]&".zip"
If @error Then Exit

$FileName = "C:\Imaging\Images\"&$SubList[$b]
If @error Then Exit

$retResult = _7ZipAdd(0, $ArcFile, $FileName)

$b = $b + 1
Until $b = $MaxSubIndex+1

$i = $i + 1
Until $i = $MaxIndex+1

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You can use DirGetSize() to see if the directory is empty of files before passing it's path name to _7ZipAdd() function.

Organizing the directory structure to your likes require a recursive function to list all of the directory sub-folders/files and moving them to the top level directory, deleting the reminder empty folders and then passing it to the _7ZipAdd() function. Search the Example Scripts forum for the recursive file listing function, there are quite a lot of them.

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