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multiple answer input box

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Ok noob question but i look and couldn't find the answer but how exactly would you make any input box take multiple answers?

Sorry if my English is bad i'm Russian

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Welcome to the forums! (Just saying.. because you got 4 posts)

Well here's a little example that should help..

Source :

$Input = InputBox ('Multi-Question Inputbox','Here are three questions..' & @CRLF & '#1.) How old are you"?' & @CRLF & '#2.) Whats your name?' & @CRLF & '#3.) Whats your favorite color?' & @CRLF & @CRLF & 'Answer in this format : ' & @CRLF & 'Answer #1,Answer #2,Answer #3' & @CRLF & 'Example : 14,John,Red','','','','215')
If @Error Then Exit 
$Input = StringSplit ($Input, ',')
If $Input['0'] < '2' Then Exit MsgBox ('0','Error','Anwsers not submitted in the correct format, please try again.','0')
$Age = $Input['1']
$Name = $Input['2']
$Color = $Input['3']
MsgBox ('0', $Name & "'s Information",'Age : ' & $Age & @CRLF & 'Name : ' & $Name & @CRLF & 'Color : ' & $Color, '0')

Hope it helps! :)

- John

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