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Remove & Install Software Challange

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Hi all

Very new to scripting, but i wonder if someone would be kind enough to shove me in the right direction.

Here is what i need to achive, it seems quite simple but I can't get my head around it and how the bits fit together but i'm sure AutoIT would fit the bill.

I need to:

1. Run the script as admin under a user account

2. kill outlook process

3. remove current logged on user from a AD security group

4. remove computer name from an AD security group

5. force policy and pipe no to restart

6. remove software (seems to work)

7. remove a printer with a specific name if it exists ( i have a VB script that does this but errors if it isn't present)

8. add user to a different security group

9. add computer to different security group

10. delete local files and folders (i have a script for this, it runs doesn't error and dosn't delete the files either!)

11, force policy and reboot

This does sound alot but i'm having problems with most of the above, I can achieve numbers 2, 5 (possibly 6) and 11 lol (I wasn't kidding when I said I was a newbie! well I gotta start somewhere.)

I have been working on this for about 2 weeks now and having some very unpreductive late nights and would love to see a glimer of hope this is where AutoIT comes in.

Can anyone throw any suggestions/hints? case of beer in it for you for sure!

Find attached botch job of what I have copied from a VBS script (is this the way to import it into AutoIT? just paste it?), you will see my logic from what I have attempted, n.b the end line msg box is to show that is actually doing something as vbs dosn't show progress.

Again thanks to all who have a look and then turn away :)


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