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SQLite... any really good example code that shows lotsa functionality

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I've looked at the SQLite entries in the help file plus MANY threads (inc. ptrex's) and snippets here + www.sqlite.org but am still vague about how to use it. The best stuff I've found so far is the Point of Sale code posted here somewhere and AAMP looks interesting too although I can't get it to work.

What I want to do (myself, I don't want to be spoonfed, just given some pointers) is to be able to interrogate a database and list all/first/last/next/previous record(s) where any nominated field is =, <>, <= or >= some specified value. Is this possible or am I asking for too much?

Also, if at some time I wanted to add or remove a field can I do this with a simple command or is it a matter of reading all records 1 by 1 into variables and writing back the data with/without the extra stuff to a new db?

Do I need to index anything?

If the above hasn't been done (and I see that the example in this link:

http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...st&id=18082 goes somewhat toward what that but is not what I need), then I'll try to make an example and post it here if anybody is interested.



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My program SMF thoroughly utilizes all kinds of SQLite functions, check it out :).

Danke shoen! Thanks heaps. I've had a quick squizz at the exe file but not the source. Very impressive/ I'm sure I'll learn lots.



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