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_FileWriteToLine2, the _FileWriteToLine()'s reborn.


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Last morning, I wanted to create a file from an array (using the "_FileWriteFormArray" function), and updating the line I wanted.

So, I found the "_FileWriteToLine" function, that wasn't exactly I needed.

Fixed :

-> _FileWriteToLine adds one more blank line when call for the last line of the file (My script is based on the number lines in a file..)

-> impossible to write a (single) blank first line

-> a "FileWrite()" is called for each line of the text file (Very slow.)

-> Bad use of "" / @CRLF to create (or set) a single blank line

-> (minor) "$i" is not set as Local scope

-> (minor) lot of "Ubound"s called, without change of their value

Func    _FileWriteToLine2 ($sFile, $iLine, $sText, $fOverWrite = 0)
    If  $iLine <= 0 Then    Return  SetError (4, 0, 0)
    If  Not IsString ($sText)   Then    Return  SetError (6, 0, 0)
    If  $fOverWrite <> 0    And $fOverWrite <> 1    Then    Return  SetError (5, 0, 0)
    If  Not FileExists ($sFile) Then    Return  SetError (2, 0, 0)

    Local   $filtxt = FileRead ($sFile, FileGetSize ($sFile))
    $filtxt = StringSplit ($filtxt, @CRLF, 1)
    If  UBound ($filtxt, 1) < $iLine    Then    Return  SetError (1, 0, 0)
    Local   $fil = FileOpen ($sFile, 2), $i, $limit = UBound ($filtxt) - 1, $file2write = ""
    If  $fil = -1   Then    Return  SetError (3, 0, 0)
    For $i = 1  To  $limit
        If  $i = $iLine Then
            If  $fOverWrite = 1 Then
                If  $sText <> ""    Then
                    If  $i < $limit And $sText <> @CRLF Then
                        $file2write &= $sText & @CRLF
                    ElseIf  $i = $limit Or  $sText = @CRLF  Then
                        $file2write &= $sText
                    If  $i < $limit Then
                        $file2write &= $sText
            If  $fOverWrite = 0 Then
                If  $i < $limit Then
                    If  $sText = @CRLF  Then
                        $file2write &= @CRLF & $filtxt[$i] & @CRLF
                        $file2write &= $sText & @CRLF & $filtxt[$i] & @CRLF
                ElseIf  $i = $limit Then
                    If  $sText = @CRLF  Then
                        $file2write &= @CRLF & $filtxt[$i]
                        $file2write &= $sText & @CRLF & $filtxt[$i]
        ElseIf  $i < $limit Then
            $file2write &= $filtxt[$i] & @CRLF
        ElseIf  $i = $limit Then
            $file2write &= $filtxt[$i]
    FileWrite ($fil, $file2write)
    FileClose ($fil)
    Return  1
EndFunc ;==>_FileWriteToLine2

For my own purpose, I changed some stuff : (changes not shown in the code above)

-> if the file is not found, it creates it without prompt (can be dangerous, I know)

-> if the line to write is > number of lines in the file to write, then it adds enough blanks lines (idem)

-> overwrite is not called only when its value equals 0. (instead of a difference between the $fOverWrite's values {"1", "0", "else"}, I use values {"0", "else"}.)

Talking about the future of the function :

-> Is all-in-one call of $filtxt a good idea ? (Directly slip the lines of the file, instead of reading it before (two -> one operation))

-> Change the "SetError(Var,0,0)" into "SetError(var)" ?

Thanks reading, I hope I did'nt bypass something important ? :)


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